Randy Coleman – Bohemian Rhapsody cover

#047 – ’17 week 25

Here is what some could call a masterpiece: covering Bohemian Rhapsody with a guitar and a singer… that’s all (and live).
In other way, how reinterpreting a song with hundreds of tracks, vocals, with drums, heavy distorted guitar chords?!

The great and positive thing in this cover is the artist recreates the cover and also gives his personal vision of this track.
A lot of emotions, sensibility and a great touch of personality without killing the original song. Hats off!

Art of Noise – Il pleure

#046 – ’17 week 24

The track above is an interesting song where the band is trying to reinterpret a classical piece of music into their personal view or with actual ways of playing musics or genres.

The main idea of the whole album is somehow a tribute to Claude Debussy with a heavy touch of electro music (mostly drum ‘n’ bass behaviour) and this track is a good example of what Art of Noise were able to do (and that as well… nice work with reverb BTW).
You can also view it as a background music with a mix of classical and electro sound…

Whatever, I really find this track interesting for this various flavors and I hope you could find your way to listen to it!

Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Jean-Marc Boulier cover)

#045 – ’17 week 23

Jean-Marc Boulier (or Lophophora) is a true autodidact on many things on music area, but he’s also a true musician in the way that he loves music and isn’t afraid to learn new things to achieve the goal he has.

He’s really keen on making covers (a great way to learn how music is “built”) and you could find many of these on his SoundCloud page (plus personal songs or covers).

Plus he has a great sense of musicality and he likes to share music, songs, tastes isn’t against opening some of his projects, contributes to others
The chosen song is just all of these, nice work to me!

Derek Reese – Tired Of You

#044 – ’17 week 22

Here is a very cool track, very catchy, nicely mixed and mostly pleasing to listen to.
It’s a very interesting example of good song, with good guys, with very strong points but with not enough exposure as it should, in my opinion.

You could also see this track as one from many others than you missed and you’re going to like, just because it’s a good song that creates something in your mind.

via Indie Recording Depot (you could find another mix there)

Electro Deluxe – All Alone

#043 – ’17 week 21

As their name implies, Electro Deluxe is a band playing in Electro field, but also with soul, jazz or even a huge bunch of funk.

The song I chose is more or less that: some strength coming with people playing live some kinda of funky music, with choir, a groovy bass playing, a singer with his guts.
Really efficient music to me!

via La chronique d’André Manoukian

Professor Kliq – Suburban Breakbeat

#042 – ’17 week 20

Here is a song that creates a whole ambiance on its own and therefore leads you to its universe.
Without lyrics or vocal, you’re able to create your painting with your own characters on it. And this track is long enough and inspiring enough to add many details on your painting.

Despite this quite long track (7+ min), it’s not boring at all and many things happen often enough.
You could listen to it as background music or build your own story while listening through it actively.

Oh, I really love the work around reverbs!

Mike Noegraf – Emotional disease (acoustic version)

#040 – ’17 week 18

Mike Noegraf is a french guy who is able to write some great songs and play some alone. Here is an example.

The real strength here is how this pattern (vocal + acoustic guitar) is still powerful to speak about love, anger, sadness or pleasure… without any (technical) artifact. Since decades!
And this dude does it very well: you can keep some interests from the audience while playing with all kind of little tricks to make really live.

A very great work to me, enjoy this track as well!

Via KrisSdeNerf

Moby – Porcelain

#039 – ’17 week 17

Here is another guy who is able to play in many fields: doing hits, create awkward songs, playing with loops, acoustical things or some 303/house demos (?)

The song I choose this time comes from Play album and as many other on it, it was a huge hit and was used many many times (ads, movies, background…).
What I like more on this track is how smart was the building of each section (and transition from one to another) across the whole journey.
Very efficient to me!
Plus it has its own sounds and character which makes this song very recognizable among others.

Did I mention he also like ambient?