Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

#038 – ’17 week 16

What I really like what that “band” is the wide range of genres, ambiance and sounds and the chosen song is somehow in that mood.

During its career, this band plays with many other singers, many bands, and all the visual aspects are as important as all other parts. Video clips are quite interesting as well.
By the way Damon Albarn offered in this project another side of his huge creativity!

Very inspiring!

If you listen to each song very carefully you could find numerous tracks layered on and on, lot of little effects that give that special color to each song, very impressive!

Keaton – Intravenous

#037 – ’17 week 15

Keaton was a belgian band who did some slow and heavy rock with nice rhythms[FR] and what I really like with this shared song is the overall ambiance and sound.

Plus the production and all layers of sounds give it some kind of organic and living feeling that I really like. The playing and the performance aren’t too perfect and enhance that feeling to me.
Really interesting I found!

(Little) more infos about this band (in french only).

Haley Reinhart – Black Hole Sun (vintage cover)

#035 – ’17 week 13

As the title said, it’s a cover of this song. Ok.
You get stunning vocal performance from Haley Reinhart (I didn’t know her before…) and the idea of the whole series is to redo songs with an old fashion. Plus an orchestra 🙂

What is really awesome with this cover is the wide range of references you could point out: orchestra clichés, very sweet voice, drums and also some grunge vibes, some kind of the original song and a nice strength feeling at the end.

Very nicely built to me!!

via indie recording depot

Professor Elemental – Fighting Trousers

#034 – ’17 week 12

Hmm, how to describe this guy… my first thought was “I don’t have a clue!” until I googled his name and found his page on Wikipedia: he has his own genre (dude!) named chap-hop that is not really hip-hop but something funny about England, tea, irony, self-mockery, a bit of steampunk or something for the sake of making a song! (or this one??)

It could be something just done for fun but this thing is very well wrote with ambiance, lot of sound effects, very strong hip-hop loops, nice mixes, very good lyrics (and funny too), on the music side.
Moreover this project is very serious since he launched a Patreon project to get help making even more (comics, mugs, videos, live shows…) so that he could share more and more tracks.

It was tricky to choose (only) one track to share 🙂

The Doors – The Changeling

#033– ’17 week 11

Here is a classic song from the rock area where you got some classic playing from guitar, keyboards, drums and singing.

What I really like with this band is the wide range of genres they tried. Plus it was a band with an organist who was able to play solo on his right hand and a nice bass line with his left hand. They also tried many things regarding sound, effects, arrangement, lyrics, some live shows… not all were that good…

By the way enjoy this song (and many others) from that band because many others now claim The Doors is a huge reference!

Oh, did I mention that Jim Morrison was the singer/songwriter/poet… ? 🙂

Count 4dB – The Fisherman’s Song

#032– ’17 week 10

Pretty awkward track today because I never expected that kind of melting. Think, a nice and sweet celtic melody with fiddle and acoustic guitars associated with hip-hop or somehow rap lyrics on it…

When I first heard what the song was about, I was very curious but the strength of the composer is to make both parts working together!
Hats off for that job!


Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Classic Fantastic

#031– ’17 week 09

As the band’s name let suggest, their music comes with a funny part and the other part comes from their way of playing (it looks very easy) and a bit of nonchalance.

Their first hit was some kinda hip-hop and played rock, which is more or less their genre, using samples from Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. It works fine and it could sound odd because it’s not that common in hip-hop (oh, they have solos)!

The song I chose is another way of making their music, enjoy!

By the way, their video clips are… funny as well 🙂

via One Shot Not

Jarle Bernhoft – Street Lights

#030– ’17 week 08

This guy is just awesome: writing songs in the way that one man could play and sing the whole song alone with the only help of loopers, stomp boxes and mics!
What a deal!

The really clever thing, in my opinion, is that he really thinks the song so that the technical constraint is only a way of building (and producing) the song and seems to not have downside to him: no boring part, no loopy song, lot of instruments and layers, breaks and solo… What a skill!

He also did covers, I really like this one!
Here one his latest song.

via One Shot Not