James Blake – The Colour In Anything

#050 – ’17 week 28

Here is a song where it finally doesn’t be what it seems to be. Except the obvious acoustic and classical sound and the well-known vocal-piano duo that many many other songs also share, this one goes a bit further.

First, the second part of this track is full of vocal layers that play chords within the melody and brings a different mood to the song. It really enhances the overall speech and flow of the song and it gives this unique colour (of anything… :-p) for that piece of music. That way, it becomes something different from what you would know.
Then, the huge dynamic range from piano performance and vocals and great ideas everywhere always catches the audience at every moment to keep and show what the artist wants to say.

By the way, thinking, thinking, performing and recording the whole song would be a huge bunch of work to achieve to this result that sounds simple, soft and very catchy at once!

via Ian Shepherd’s blog


Randy Coleman – Bohemian Rhapsody cover

#047 – ’17 week 25

Here is what some could call a masterpiece: covering Bohemian Rhapsody with a guitar and a singer… that’s all (and live).
In other way, how reinterpreting a song with hundreds of tracks, vocals, with drums, heavy distorted guitar chords?!

The great and positive thing in this cover is the artist recreates the cover and also gives his personal vision of this track.
A lot of emotions, sensibility and a great touch of personality without killing the original song. Hats off!

Mike Noegraf – Emotional disease (acoustic version)

#040 – ’17 week 18

Mike Noegraf is a french guy who is able to write some great songs and play some alone. Here is an example.

The real strength here is how this pattern (vocal + acoustic guitar) is still powerful to speak about love, anger, sadness or pleasure… without any (technical) artifact. Since decades!
And this dude does it very well: you can keep some interests from the audience while playing with all kind of little tricks to make really live.

A very great work to me, enjoy this track as well!

Via KrisSdeNerf