Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

#048 – ’17 week 26

Here is another band where mixing a lot of different influences is more or less the key for making their new songs.
For the chosen song, you could find some electro sounds, blues gimmick, rock riffs, loopy drums… but the final result is full of good ideas, catchy hooks, heavy layers, great contrasts to make the whole song interesting.

They also are able to record songs quieter, more orchestral and the main idea is still the same: telling stories and create nice layers of music to bring lyrics a nice and aptness background.

You could find this song live thru this One Shot Not extract.


Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

#038 – ’17 week 16

What I really like what that “band” is the wide range of genres, ambiance and sounds and the chosen song is somehow in that mood.

During its career, this band plays with many other singers, many bands, and all the visual aspects are as important as all other parts. Video clips are quite interesting as well.
By the way Damon Albarn offered in this project another side of his huge creativity!

Very inspiring!

If you listen to each song very carefully you could find numerous tracks layered on and on, lot of little effects that give that special color to each song, very impressive!

Keaton – Intravenous

#037 – ’17 week 15

Keaton was a belgian band who did some slow and heavy rock with nice rhythms[FR] and what I really like with this shared song is the overall ambiance and sound.

Plus the production and all layers of sounds give it some kind of organic and living feeling that I really like. The playing and the performance aren’t too perfect and enhance that feeling to me.
Really interesting I found!

(Little) more infos about this band (in french only).

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Classic Fantastic

#031– ’17 week 09

As the band’s name let suggest, their music comes with a funny part and the other part comes from their way of playing (it looks very easy) and a bit of nonchalance.

Their first hit was some kinda hip-hop and played rock, which is more or less their genre, using samples from Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. It works fine and it could sound odd because it’s not that common in hip-hop (oh, they have solos)!

The song I chose is another way of making their music, enjoy!

By the way, their video clips are… funny as well 🙂

via One Shot Not

General Elektriks – Helicopter

#022 – ’16 week 52

Very unusual song this song since it’s hard to identify a genre where you could put the band and the artist in.

The band is essentially Hervé Salters and he really loves playing keyboards, specially a clavinet (as the famous Superstition from Stevie Wonder).
In this song, there is a lot of room for rhythmic and melodic elements and vocals come from children choir samples and at the end, the song is really great because of all those smart choices during the song, every piece of audio is really spot on to add more excitement, on and on!

By the way, another famous song from this band was used as a TV add. Very efficient as well!