Randy Coleman – Bohemian Rhapsody cover

#047 – ’17 week 25

Here is what some could call a masterpiece: covering Bohemian Rhapsody with a guitar and a singer… that’s all (and live).
In other way, how reinterpreting a song with hundreds of tracks, vocals, with drums, heavy distorted guitar chords?!

The great and positive thing in this cover is the artist recreates the cover and also gives his personal vision of this track.
A lot of emotions, sensibility and a great touch of personality without killing the original song. Hats off!


Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Jean-Marc Boulier cover)

#045 – ’17 week 23

Jean-Marc Boulier (or Lophophora) is a true autodidact on many things on music area, but he’s also a true musician in the way that he loves music and isn’t afraid to learn new things to achieve the goal he has.

He’s really keen on making covers (a great way to learn how music is “built”) and you could find many of these on his SoundCloud page (plus personal songs or covers).

Plus he has a great sense of musicality and he likes to share music, songs, tastes isn’t against opening some of his projects, contributes to others
The chosen song is just all of these, nice work to me!

Haley Reinhart – Black Hole Sun (vintage cover)

#035 – ’17 week 13

As the title said, it’s a cover of this song. Ok.
You get stunning vocal performance from Haley Reinhart (I didn’t know her before…) and the idea of the whole series is to redo songs with an old fashion. Plus an orchestra 🙂

What is really awesome with this cover is the wide range of references you could point out: orchestra clichés, very sweet voice, drums and also some grunge vibes, some kind of the original song and a nice strength feeling at the end.

Very nicely built to me!!

via indie recording depot

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army

#029– ’17 week 07

Here is a “classical” song covered is a different way: a soul one!
Ben L’Oncle Soul is that kind of guy who is able to blend anything into his genre. And as his name implies, soul is the backbone of Ben because of his well-known love to Motown sound.

The point about this song and this cover is besides his love to one genre, he also writes some new songs in the (exact) same way and mimic most of clichés and create good songs not ugly or weirdos.
Most of all, vocals, overall tone, drums, playing, random percs are really in the same mood (video clips included).


Alice Russell & Noel McKoy – Tainted Love

#028– ’17 week 06

I just want to share this cover coming from the TV show “One Shot Not[FR]” on Arte presented by Manu Katché, where artists can meet each other and play on other songs, create original covers. Like this one.

What I really like in this song is the really live sound, the nice mix of different genres, the very efficient loop created with drums, bass, keyboards, guitar chords and so…
A very pleasing moment for me. I hope you’d do!

PV Nova – Evolution of Get Lucky

#004 – ’16 week 34

PV Nova, a french Youtuber and musician wrote his version of the famous song Get Lucky when every one else tried to cover it with only one taste.
This guy wrote 10 different versions from ’20 to over 2020 and compiled them into one mix.

The very funny thing with this “song” (cover?) is each extract gives you another reference song but with the original “Get Lucky” as flavour.
Very tricky work and by the way, very interesting to me.

via his interview for FNU in “PV Nova Face à Face”