Professor Kliq – Suburban Breakbeat

#042 – ’17 week 20

Here is a song that creates a whole ambiance on its own and therefore leads you to its universe.
Without lyrics or vocal, you’re able to create your painting with your own characters on it. And this track is long enough and inspiring enough to add many details on your painting.

Despite this quite long track (7+ min), it’s not boring at all and many things happen often enough.
You could listen to it as background music or build your own story while listening through it actively.

Edit: Soundcloud link vanished…

Oh, I really love the work around reverbs!


General Elektriks – Helicopter

#022 – ’16 week 52

Very unusual song this song since it’s hard to identify a genre where you could put the band and the artist in.

The band is essentially Hervé Salters and he really loves playing keyboards, specially a clavinet (as the famous Superstition from Stevie Wonder).
In this song, there is a lot of room for rhythmic and melodic elements and vocals come from children choir samples and at the end, the song is really great because of all those smart choices during the song, every piece of audio is really spot on to add more excitement, on and on!

By the way, another famous song from this band was used as a TV add. Very efficient as well!

Golden Bug – Black Soul

#019 – ’16 week 49

This week, the chosen track is a bit less obvious since the artist does many things.
Antoine Harispuru aka Golden Bug did a lot of remix of many other songs and sometimes, he also writes some.

The song I’d like to share this time come from a podcast I listened from Le Mouv’ where Pedro Winter mixed songs he liked to share 🙂
What I really like with this song is how weird is each sound and how difficult it seems to built a song with those tracks and mixing all together must require a strong view of the final sound. Hats off!

Edit: Soundcloud link vanished…

via La sélection de Pedro Winter on Le Mouv’

More about Golden Bug on Resident Advisor[FR]

Rinôçérôse – Cubicle

#017 – ’16 week 47

In the same genre (“French touch” lol) here comes the least writable band name for english people: Rinôçérôse.

From their first album, they want to do house music with real players (bass, guitars, drums…) and bring real live performance during live show.
So are their songs and most of the time each song contains a lot of gimmick during the track. For some others there is a real Rock side with heavy usage of distorted guitars.

By the way, this track is right in their genre with great intensity during the song and easy-to-remember lyrics and gimmicks. Enjoy jumping like a mad 🙂

This ain’t the first time” (then head bangging) 😉

J.L – Nervous week

#014 – ’16 week 44

This week is more on the electro sound side with a non-pro artist but with great skills nonetheless!
This song is very singular because of its loopy side, a bit action movie ambiance, a nice theme that catches you during the journey and all I like within a song: a story, some characters, some events and finally a way to travel in the artist world.
It reminds me numerous artists and songs in that genre but with its own character.

The whole album is really worth the listening as well!

via EasyZic