Art of Noise – Il pleure

#046 – ’17 week 24

The track above is an interesting song where the band is trying to reinterpret a classical piece of music into their personal view or with actual ways of playing musics or genres.

The main idea of the whole album is somehow a tribute to Claude Debussy with a heavy touch of electro music (mostly drum ‘n’ bass behaviour) and this track is a good example of what Art of Noise were able to do (and that as well… nice work with reverb BTW).
You can also view it as a background music with a mix of classical and electro sound…

Whatever, I really find this track interesting for this various flavors and I hope you could find your way to listen to it!


Moby – Porcelain

#039 – ’17 week 17

Here is another guy who is able to play in many fields: doing hits, create awkward songs, playing with loops, acoustical things or some 303/house demos (?)

The song I choose this time comes from Play album and as many other on it, it was a huge hit and was used many many times (ads, movies, background…).
What I like more on this track is how smart was the building of each section (and transition from one to another) across the whole journey.
Very efficient to me!
Plus it has its own sounds and character which makes this song very recognizable among others.

Did I mention he also like ambient?

AIR – La Femme d’Argent

#013 – ’16 week 43

In the late ’90, the band AIR begins its life by doing electronic music in a different ways than other electronic french bands such as Daft Punk, Cassius or Bob Sinclar.
The way they play music is way softer, calm, relaxing and the ambiance they create is very unique for this time.

Unlike other songs like Sexy Boy and more recently some songs from The Virgin Suicides that are more on the Pop side, La Femme d’Argent is without vocal and brings some of their characteristic sounds: bass playing with a pick, Wurlitzer piano with a bit of distortion, Korg MS20 synthesizer or the ARP “Solina” String Ensemble.
The overall sound is very coherent I find and that’s why I’d like to share this track.