Electro Deluxe – All Alone

#043 – ’17 week 21

As their name implies, Electro Deluxe is a band playing in Electro field, but also with soul, jazz or even a huge bunch of funk.

The song I chose is more or less that: some strength coming with people playing live some kinda of funky music, with choir, a groovy bass playing, a singer with his guts.
Really efficient music to me!

via La chronique d’André Manoukian


Alice Russell & Noel McKoy – Tainted Love

#028– ’17 week 06

I just want to share this cover coming from the TV show “One Shot Not[FR]” on Arte presented by Manu Katché, where artists can meet each other and play on other songs, create original covers. Like this one.

What I really like in this song is the really live sound, the nice mix of different genres, the very efficient loop created with drums, bass, keyboards, guitar chords and so…
A very pleasing moment for me. I hope you’d do!

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

#024– ’17 week 02

Here comes one of my favourite band because a good is the melting of different sounds, genres, musics and lot if influences. Plus didgeridoo 🙂

By the way, bass, drums and lead vocal create great rhythms, nice gimmicks and very recognizable sounds and songs, most of the time.

I decided to share this song instead of many others because of its very appealing video clip!

Many more things to read on Wikipedia… by the way, I also really like this song too!

The Clarke / Duke Project – Wild Dog

#023 – ’17 week 01

Here is a typical example of what ’80 could do for the music. The song came from a project where both musicians brought their point of view of what music could be and because they knew what they supposed to do, the whole project is a really cool journey exploring many different sides and tastes of music from this period.

This song is very funky, very efficient, with no lyrics and a lot of different little things melting together to keep excitement up!

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

#007 – ’16 week 37

Yeah, I know, you listened to this song a zillion of times from everywhere but it stills a good song. That’s why I really enjoy listening to this song again.

The point is: it’s a well built song, everything is very spot on and all the job around it were done to make the song great, period.

Bruno Mars is very “upfront” (sorry for this joke) with this song but it really deserves the performance, the vocal tone and the vision of music he has.
Mark Ronson did a great job in the whole album and there is a huge bunch of good ideas everywhere.
It’s really worth the listening!


John Milk – Treat Me Right

#006 – ’16 week 36

I discovered this track while listening to the podcast called Top Mouv’ Booster ! and I found this one very different because it mixes sounds from a wide range of songs and finally it sounds great as is, to my tastes 🙂

The vocal is not very strong, with lot of power but the lack of heavy reverb or delay do most of the job I think

via La sélection Soul Rn’B on Le Mouv’