Keaton – Intravenous

#037 – ’17 week 15

Keaton was a belgian band who did some slow and heavy rock with nice rhythms[FR] and what I really like with this shared song is the overall ambiance and sound.

Plus the production and all layers of sounds give it some kind of organic and living feeling that I really like. The playing and the performance aren’t too perfect and enhance that feeling to me.
Really interesting I found!

(Little) more infos about this band (in french only).


Haley Reinhart – Black Hole Sun (vintage cover)

#035 – ’17 week 13

As the title said, it’s a cover of this song. Ok.
You get stunning vocal performance from Haley Reinhart (I didn’t know her before…) and the idea of the whole series is to redo songs with an old fashion. Plus an orchestra 🙂

What is really awesome with this cover is the wide range of references you could point out: orchestra clichés, very sweet voice, drums and also some grunge vibes, some kind of the original song and a nice strength feeling at the end.

Very nicely built to me!!

via indie recording depot