Rinôçérôse – Cubicle

#017 – ’16 week 47

In the same genre (“French touch” lol) here comes the least writable band name for english people: Rinôçérôse.

From their first album, they want to do house music with real players (bass, guitars, drums…) and bring real live performance during live show.
So are their songs and most of the time each song contains a lot of gimmick during the track. For some others there is a real Rock side with heavy usage of distorted guitars.

By the way, this track is right in their genre with great intensity during the song and easy-to-remember lyrics and gimmicks. Enjoy jumping like a mad 🙂

This ain’t the first time” (then head bangging) 😉


Cassius – The Sound of Violence

#016 – ’16 week 46

A bit of french house sound this week with a song I really like, since its release and until now because how good is the production, the overall songwriting and the journey it gives.

The first listening to me was a true “Wow” effect and listening after listening I find how “simple” is this but the true strength comes from the way of building a song with very basic drum pattern, a very catchy bass line and two guitars with their own character and playing. The vocal on top of all those tracks leads the song into that nice and dancy track.

Enjoy the video clip as well, here is a “long” trip 🙂

Read more on Wikipedia about the band, the album or the song.