Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Classic Fantastic

#031– ’17 week 09

As the band’s name let suggest, their music comes with a funny part and the other part comes from their way of playing (it looks very easy) and a bit of nonchalance.

Their first hit was some kinda hip-hop and played rock, which is more or less their genre, using samples from Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. It works fine and it could sound odd because it’s not that common in hip-hop (oh, they have solos)!

The song I chose is another way of making their music, enjoy!

By the way, their video clips are… funny as well 🙂

via One Shot Not


US3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

#027– ’17 week 05

This is a famous and very catchy song creating from a loop part of one Herbie Hancock’s song: Cantaloupe Island. Which is somehow a loop by the way.

It was very popular in ’93 and get a wide aura in different kind of medias, specially because of its nice mix of genres and influences.

The band is still active and was released by Blue Notes Records

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