Electro Deluxe – All Alone

#043 – ’17 week 21

As their name implies, Electro Deluxe is a band playing in Electro field, but also with soul, jazz or even a huge bunch of funk.

The song I chose is more or less that: some strength coming with people playing live some kinda of funky music, with choir, a groovy bass playing, a singer with his guts.
Really efficient music to me!

via La chronique d’André Manoukian


The Clarke / Duke Project – Wild Dog

#023 – ’17 week 01

Here is a typical example of what ’80 could do for the music. The song came from a project where both musicians brought their point of view of what music could be and because they knew what they supposed to do, the whole project is a really cool journey exploring many different sides and tastes of music from this period.

This song is very funky, very efficient, with no lyrics and a lot of different little things melting together to keep excitement up!

Marcus Miller – So What

#011 – ’16 week 41

Very cool song this week covered by a top bass player here.

This nice piece of jazz standard is covered in different flavours from various people and I choose this one because of the very strong rhythmic part. Both Marcus and Poogie give a great basis for each soloist during the song and they add many interesting things very often. And I really enjoy those parts!

If you really like this extract, here is the whole live! (some sync glitches inside :/ )