Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Jean-Marc Boulier cover)

#045 – ’17 week 23

Jean-Marc Boulier (or Lophophora) is a true autodidact on many things on music area, but he’s also a true musician in the way that he loves music and isn’t afraid to learn new things to achieve the goal he has.

He’s really keen on making covers (a great way to learn how music is “built”) and you could find many of these on his SoundCloud page (plus personal songs or covers).

Plus he has a great sense of musicality and he likes to share music, songs, tastes isn’t against opening some of his projects, contributes to others
The chosen song is just all of these, nice work to me!


Skip the Use – Bastard Song

#036 – ’17 week 14

This song is pretty efficient (and powerful 🙂 ): less than 3 minutes, lot of sections, a bridge, some great hooks, nice production… Plus I don’t find it boring at all with lots of movements!

What I really like here is how well-thought is the path from section to section.
And little ideas everywhere! Great band as well!

Jarle Bernhoft – Street Lights

#030– ’17 week 08

This guy is just awesome: writing songs in the way that one man could play and sing the whole song alone with the only help of loopers, stomp boxes and mics!
What a deal!

The really clever thing, in my opinion, is that he really thinks the song so that the technical constraint is only a way of building (and producing) the song and seems to not have downside to him: no boring part, no loopy song, lot of instruments and layers, breaks and solo… What a skill!

He also did covers, I really like this one!
Here one his latest song.

via One Shot Not

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army

#029– ’17 week 07

Here is a “classical” song covered is a different way: a soul one!
Ben L’Oncle Soul is that kind of guy who is able to blend anything into his genre. And as his name implies, soul is the backbone of Ben because of his well-known love to Motown sound.

The point about this song and this cover is besides his love to one genre, he also writes some new songs in the (exact) same way and mimic most of clichés and create good songs not ugly or weirdos.
Most of all, vocals, overall tone, drums, playing, random percs are really in the same mood (video clips included).


Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

#007 – ’16 week 37

Yeah, I know, you listened to this song a zillion of times from everywhere but it stills a good song. That’s why I really enjoy listening to this song again.

The point is: it’s a well built song, everything is very spot on and all the job around it were done to make the song great, period.

Bruno Mars is very “upfront” (sorry for this joke) with this song but it really deserves the performance, the vocal tone and the vision of music he has.
Mark Ronson did a great job in the whole album and there is a huge bunch of good ideas everywhere.
It’s really worth the listening!


M83 – Midnight City

#005 – ’16 week 35

M83 is a french band who writes songs in different genres. This song is on the Pop side and the whole structure of the song works really great for a Pop song.

The thing I like with this song is that it’s more on synth side without any usual Pop element, and it works great that way. Plus a lot of good ideas everywhere!

via La sélection de Pedro on Le Mouv’