Andy Lim Trio – Killing in the Name of (RATM cover)

#041 – ’17 week 19

Here is an example about whatever a song is good enough so that it becomes a standard song and could inspire some others about making covers in their own genres.

On the other hand, jazz music is able to play a wide range of songs in its own way.

So enjoy this track, it could lead you to many other songs, bands or flavours!


Brooklyn Syndrome – Masters of War

#009 – ’16 week 39

Same taste as the previous week but this time, it’s kind of a tribute band. Its name is Brooklyn Syndrome and comes from Limoges, France, and the overall sound is pretty close to what Rage Against The Machine did.
Their bandcamp page could give you more details and some other tracks in same genre (most from them).

Last but not least, they sound live as good as they are on those tracks!

Prophets of Rage

#008 – ’16 week 38

Hmm, easy this week since the name of the band (and the song) gives you a clue: Rage against the Machine’s son is awoken!
Ok the band was long-awaited and the first song has no surprise but I sure like it since I do like the original band. A lot!

So for me, this song works well and new singers do the job.

On the other hand, they (singers) don’t use to sing too fast and you could find shows where they slow down the tempo (original RATM’s songs for instance).
To “correct” it, Youtube could play it at higher rate (1.25 works fine)