Skip the Use – Bastard Song

#036 – ’17 week 14

This song is pretty efficient (and powerful 🙂 ): less than 3 minutes, lot of sections, a bridge, some great hooks, nice production… Plus I don’t find it boring at all with lots of movements!

What I really like here is how well-thought is the path from section to section.
And little ideas everywhere! Great band as well!


The Clarke / Duke Project – Wild Dog

#023 – ’17 week 01

Here is a typical example of what ’80 could do for the music. The song came from a project where both musicians brought their point of view of what music could be and because they knew what they supposed to do, the whole project is a really cool journey exploring many different sides and tastes of music from this period.

This song is very funky, very efficient, with no lyrics and a lot of different little things melting together to keep excitement up!

Rinôçérôse – Cubicle

#017 – ’16 week 47

In the same genre (“French touch” lol) here comes the least writable band name for english people: Rinôçérôse.

From their first album, they want to do house music with real players (bass, guitars, drums…) and bring real live performance during live show.
So are their songs and most of the time each song contains a lot of gimmick during the track. For some others there is a real Rock side with heavy usage of distorted guitars.

By the way, this track is right in their genre with great intensity during the song and easy-to-remember lyrics and gimmicks. Enjoy jumping like a mad 🙂

This ain’t the first time” (then head bangging) 😉