James Blake – The Colour In Anything

#050 – ’17 week 28

Here is a song where it finally doesn’t be what it seems to be. Except the obvious acoustic and classical sound and the well-known vocal-piano duo that many many other songs also share, this one goes a bit further.

First, the second part of this track is full of vocal layers that play chords within the melody and brings a different mood to the song. It really enhances the overall speech and flow of the song and it gives this unique colour (of anything… :-p) for that piece of music. That way, it becomes something different from what you would know.
Then, the huge dynamic range from piano performance and vocals and great ideas everywhere always catches the audience at every moment to keep and show what the artist wants to say.

By the way, thinking, thinking, performing and recording the whole song would be a huge bunch of work to achieve to this result that sounds simple, soft and very catchy at once!

via Ian Shepherd’s blog


Derek Reese – Tired Of You

#044 – ’17 week 22

Here is a very cool track, very catchy, nicely mixed and mostly pleasing to listen to.
It’s a very interesting example of good song, with good guys, with very strong points but with not enough exposure as it should, in my opinion.

You could also see this track as one from many others than you missed and you’re going to like, just because it’s a good song that creates something in your mind.

via Indie Recording Depot (you could find another mix there)

Electro Deluxe – All Alone

#043 – ’17 week 21

As their name implies, Electro Deluxe is a band playing in Electro field, but also with soul, jazz or even a huge bunch of funk.

The song I chose is more or less that: some strength coming with people playing live some kinda of funky music, with choir, a groovy bass playing, a singer with his guts.
Really efficient music to me!

via La chronique d’André Manoukian

Jarle Bernhoft – Street Lights

#030– ’17 week 08

This guy is just awesome: writing songs in the way that one man could play and sing the whole song alone with the only help of loopers, stomp boxes and mics!
What a deal!

The really clever thing, in my opinion, is that he really thinks the song so that the technical constraint is only a way of building (and producing) the song and seems to not have downside to him: no boring part, no loopy song, lot of instruments and layers, breaks and solo… What a skill!

He also did covers, I really like this one!
Here one his latest song.

via One Shot Not

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army

#029– ’17 week 07

Here is a “classical” song covered is a different way: a soul one!
Ben L’Oncle Soul is that kind of guy who is able to blend anything into his genre. And as his name implies, soul is the backbone of Ben because of his well-known love to Motown sound.

The point about this song and this cover is besides his love to one genre, he also writes some new songs in the (exact) same way and mimic most of clichés and create good songs not ugly or weirdos.
Most of all, vocals, overall tone, drums, playing, random percs are really in the same mood (video clips included).


Alice Russell & Noel McKoy – Tainted Love

#028– ’17 week 06

I just want to share this cover coming from the TV show “One Shot Not[FR]” on Arte presented by Manu Katché, where artists can meet each other and play on other songs, create original covers. Like this one.

What I really like in this song is the really live sound, the nice mix of different genres, the very efficient loop created with drums, bass, keyboards, guitar chords and so…
A very pleasing moment for me. I hope you’d do!

John Milk – Treat Me Right

#006 – ’16 week 36

I discovered this track while listening to the podcast called Top Mouv’ Booster ! and I found this one very different because it mixes sounds from a wide range of songs and finally it sounds great as is, to my tastes 🙂

The vocal is not very strong, with lot of power but the lack of heavy reverb or delay do most of the job I think

via La sélection Soul Rn’B on Le Mouv’