The Amplifetes – Somebody new

#021 – ’16 week 51

Another band and song with some very catchy gimmicks, here is the not-so-famous (but it should) The Amplifetes. The song is very well producted with lot of rhythmic elements at every moment and the overall sound and ambiance works great together (to me 🙂 )

So I want to share it because of “easy listening” side and it’s nice and polish sound!
Enjoy as well!


Phoenix – 1901

#020 – ’16 week 50

Another french band that does music worldwide: Phoenix. The story behind the band is quite interesting because of all well-known other bands you might encounter.
The chosen song here come from their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with lot of other hits.

This one is very characteristic from Phoenix because of lot of things: a very recognizable vocal line and way of singing (+FX), a nice and catchy drum pattern, some synth chords that bring some stereo spaces, a sound signature… Plus a really good production that makes the song great after many listenings 🙂

One last thought: it sounds incredibly live and this song playing live sounds as great as the studio version!

M83 – Midnight City

#005 – ’16 week 35

M83 is a french band who writes songs in different genres. This song is on the Pop side and the whole structure of the song works really great for a Pop song.

The thing I like with this song is that it’s more on synth side without any usual Pop element, and it works great that way. Plus a lot of good ideas everywhere!

via La sélection de Pedro on Le Mouv’