Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)

#051 – ’17 week 29

I listened to this song many many times as background music for various radio or TV shows and I should admit that it has many hooks that make it very recognizable and on the other hand it creates a nice ambiance to let your mind ramble.
For instance, many times I listened to it, my thoughts bring me on other topics and I finally go back to it at the end of the track!

On the mixing side, the overall ambiance is very great and the huge work around reverb and delay give this sense of space and depth and it also has many tiny movements to keep the listener during this diving into Sofa Surfersworld.

Fun fact: the band wrote background music for the welcome videos on the three first Mac OS X releases (thanks Wikipedia[DE] and Google Translate).

via Dave’s Lounge’s podcast


Professor Kliq – Suburban Breakbeat

#042 – ’17 week 20

Here is a song that creates a whole ambiance on its own and therefore leads you to its universe.
Without lyrics or vocal, you’re able to create your painting with your own characters on it. And this track is long enough and inspiring enough to add many details on your painting.

Despite this quite long track (7+ min), it’s not boring at all and many things happen often enough.
You could listen to it as background music or build your own story while listening through it actively.

Edit: Soundcloud link vanished…

Oh, I really love the work around reverbs!